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Dec 11, 2012 5:00pm PST
want to make sure it stays cool. uc davis researchers analyzed wine stored in two kinds of bobs along with wines in bottle with real cork, synthetic corks and screw tops. the chemical composition of boxed wine composed the fastest. they're recommending people store all wines at about 50 degrees. >> back to our weather now because changes are happening. what's up. >> you can see it right there. live storm tracker 2 bringing rain father south. that rain headed our way as we head into early tomorrow morning. the future, the cold air that's moving in. now up in this area this storm as the next few are going to be coming straight from the polar regions and that's exporting or transporting very, very cool air. why that's why we're not expecting a ton of rain from this. that big event we had last week was because these storms the storms had originateed from the lower latitude. warmer air holds more water. cold air is more compressed and it can hold as much water so the rain accumulations from this next system are expected to be very light. certainly in comparison. there's the low pressure ce
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
what type of bullets are being shot on our sxheets is anybody safe. >>> by shop bob jackson from gospel church is outraged by the surge in violent crime which has the homicide total at 111. >>> i've said and it say it again. it's out of control and we really need help. >> the shooting police say was sparked by some kind of dispute ended with all four people going to the hospital where they're recovering from their injuries. >> we've seen crime and lie lens really escalating. >>> this morning a robbery left one worker injured after being pisal whipped. a nearby resident express it had thoughts of many of her neighbors. >> i think this is a city wide issue and we all need to get really really worried and krndz and angry about it. >> city council member libby says she's planning to bring in more help. >> first to immediately start preparations for a june police academy that will result in 40 new officers on our streets. seshgsd to hire 21 civilians that will assist the officers. >> council member rebecca cap lan adds the city needs more help from the community. >> if you've witness add kri
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2